Lauren (locaindc) wrote,

my bike, my baby

I felt like my baby had gotten kidnapped when I found my bike missing on my front steps. "fuck, I knew I should have put it away". I was just coming home for 5 minutes to change and was too lazy to haul my bike to safety, so I left it out and it got stolen by two drunk men. Thankfully, there were witnesses and I ran to the fire station a block away where all the druck bastards hang out and sure enough, there they were, circled around my bike. I've never been that angry in a long time. My body was filled with rage. "HEY YOU MOTHAFUCKER, THAT'S MY FUCKING BIKE!!!!!!!" I screamed till I couldn't think of anything else to say and they just stood there with their mouths dropped to the floor, slightly swaying from intoxicated inbalance. I took my bike back and apologized to it for letting it stray. I promised I would never do it again and while I was riding to the black cat that night, I held onto it extra tight just to show my appreciation.
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