Lauren (locaindc) wrote,

I want my room back

Grant came home from Egypt about two weeks ago and I was so happy to see him. I missed having him around. There are three of us living in a small one bedroom basement apartment now. Me and Grant are sharing the sofa bed until the end of August. At first it was no big deal, but now I'm starting to go into bitch mode cause I really need my own space. I really had it last night when Grant farted in his sleep and the fan was blowing the shit-air right in my face. I was so grossed out and annoyed. I solved the flow of stank by putting a pillow on his ass. I could sit here and talk shit about my roommate, whose every little character trait annoys me now, but hopefully this irritation is just a side effect. I woke up this morning and took a trip to the john hoping that I would discover my period. A second explanation to this mood would be nice.
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August 6 2002, 12:01:22 UTC 14 years ago


i dont know you/you dont know me/etc. so let us cut to the chase, shall we? deadjournal is FAR too slow for me, and i dont know of any other good blogs, so if you havent yet given away your one friend access code, would you mind giving it to me? all my friends who have lj's have already given away theirs. TO EACHOTHER. yeah, it bites my ass. so if i see you online before you get this, ill probably just say the same thing. but if you happen to see ME online, and feel like giving me an access code, my screen name is fluffaygoat. aim. please?

by the way, if you were wondering how i found YOU:
i just kept hitting random until i found a decent, seemingly intelligent person.

I already gave my friend code away. better luck next time you hit the random button
bitch mode is such a familiar thing to me. haha. well sorta. i guess that just means its a part of being female.

but roommates do get a bit eh. at times. hope all goes well (: