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another luxury problem

oye. Once again I forgot how stressful school can be.

I am alergic to my apartment. Everytime I go home my eyes itch and I sneeze uncontrollably. I guess it is a good thing. I can hardly stand my place anymore. The other night, I was stressed and sick and awfully tired of waking up too early and biking up too many damn hills. I went to bed early to catch up on some zzzz only to be awoken by someone chopping up carrots, another someone opening and shutting doors, admitting loads of unneeded light onto my groggy state. I kept telling myself, the next time I wake up, I'm just going to leave....and that's what I did but before I could get out of the door, someone had to remind me about the dishes that were placed in the sink 2 hours before. I was pissed and rode to James' house. I started sneezing right when I got in there due to his messy dustball of a place. I fell asleep on a bare matress with my head on a moldy pillow, happily spreading my feet as wide as they wished.

God was I lucky that 9.11 was yesterday. I got to go home early and rest. My head was under all this pressure and I felt very weak. I got home and slept for 13 hours but alas still woke up with bags under my eyes. What is happening to me!

It's weird how school brings me down. Isn't this supposed to be enjoyable? The outside world seems so much more pleasant than AU land. Everything changes once I get on campus. I'm different. I am more myself when I'm in the city. I don't have to operate according to these weird unspoken social rules. Atleast my classes are good. Well, they are much better than the past but I haven't been inspired yet.

I need a drink. I better call my sister so she can send me another ID.
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