Lauren (locaindc) wrote,

to tank or not to tank...that is the question

I'm here sitting at the receptionist desk at the Phillips. I finished Butch Stone Blues last night. I skimmed the last 30 pages cause I was just sick of the melodrama but altogether, I'm glad I was introduced to the land of butches and he-shes. It would suck to be stuck somewhere between two genders. I sometimes feel butch. Although making that statement seems rediculous since I'm all of 5'1 and 130 lbs, can't drink for shit, and currently am hairless. But sometimes I do feel kinda awkward in the absense of "femininity". I think boys are afraid of girls with a little muscle. I guess I can understand. I wouldn't be into a guy who was prissy or feminine. I wouldn't really think he would be into girls. I don't know where this is going but it reminds me of Tank Girl.

James let me borrow tank girl and i love it. I love her look, her body, and that its always half exposed. Why is this so attractive to me....there's something about being sexy in a "nonfeminine" way that's really cool. No bullshit kinda chick. I should stop now, I'm rambling cause I have nothing else better to do and the cookies I got from the Firehook bakery have completly lost my interest. I guess I'll go back outside and read some more of the Ugly American, while keeping one eye out for the casually cool jazzy man that is on his break now. peace.
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